1st generation : Henri Ernest Gobin, in 1904, grew some beds of vines of Muscadet (about 1 ha). These beds were dug manually as in a garden. He treated with some Bordeaux mix, spread with a sprig of broom.

2nd generation : Henri Gobin, in 1938, grew the vines belonging to the castle of the Bigotière and his father’s vines, i.e. 6,60 ha. In the vineyard, different grape varieties were planted: Muscadet, Colombart, Noah. The vines that were well situated were cultivated with the help of horse harnessed (depending on the seasons) to a plough, a hoe, or to a special plough dedicated to the splitting of the soil situated between the vines. During the winter, the vines were propped up, then the roots were exposed during the spring, and in the summer, the vines were hoed. The topping was done manually with the help of shears. The clipping was done throughout the winter. The sticks were tied with osier twigs. The elder used to say « early clipping or late clipping, nothing’s worth the clipping done in March ». The vine shoots were tied and used to make fire. Henri harvested the grapes manually and pressed the grapes with a screw press. The harvest was put into barrels of 225 litres or 450 litres. Then, these barrels were carried to the river (the Sèvre Nantaise river) where they left by boat to Paris. Henri had a passion for grape growing and wine. In 1939, he was called up for the war and it was Marie, his wife, who looked after the vines and their two children during those five years.

3rd generation : In 1946, Daniel was born. In 1971, he took over the vineyard of the castle of the Bigotière in share farming (half to the owner-half to the farmer). The vineyard expanded by 3,6 ha and was modernized (purchase of a tractor, building of a new storehouse, developing of direct selling). In 1988, Daniel bought the vines belonging to the castle of the Bigotière and in a 1994, he bought a harvesting machine in common with a neighbour.

4th generation : In 1998, one of his sons, Christophe, set himself up with him and together, they took over a vineyard in the neighbourhood, the total surface grew to 28 ha. In 2004, his second son, Cedric, set himself up and Daniel retired. The exploitation expanded, various vineyards were taken over to reach a total surface of 58 ha today. A second storehouse was built in 2010.